September 19, 2021

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Chair moved to clean in control room, bumps switch, shutting reactor in Taiwan

We don't often think about basic house cleaning in mission critical
facilities. Not cleaning is not an option for operator experience and other
reasons. I wonder what the literature is on that in human factors

The Guosheng Nuclear Power Plant in Taiwan is about 15 miles from Taipei
and on the ocean. At 985MW, it provides about 3-4% of load this week that
varies between about 26,000-38,000MW

When cleaning the control room, a chair was moved, lifting an acrylic safety
cover and activating the protected switch. The switch closed the main steam
loop valve which caused the safety sequence to shut down the reactor without
further incident.

The Register tagged their article "Surprisingly a real-life scenario and not
a plotline from The Simpsons"

Preliminary report by the  Taiwan Atomic Energy Council (Chinese, your
browser may translate):

Local coverage:


  [Also reported by Dan Jacobson:
  Surprisingly a real-life scenario and not a plotline from The Simpsons.