August 10, 2022

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CSB Investigator Positions Open – 6-24-22

Yesterday, the Chemical Safety Board posted notices on for three Chemical Incident Investigator position in grades
GS11/GS12. According to the Summary on the job listing (US government employees or private sector) pages:

“The Chemical Incident Investigator
position is located in the Office of Investigations. The incumbent serves as an
expert in industrial chemical safety and nationwide incident investigation and
analysis of major incidents involving the accidental release of hazardous
materials and, developing and presenting reports with safety recommendations
for adopting by the Board.”

These are job positions that are important to increasing the
safety of chemical manufacturing operations in this country. Having said that,
the CSB is an agency in transition and there are some well known (and other
less obvious) problems that may or may not be getting better. Accident
investigators are unlikely to have a major impact on that agency transition,
but this is important work that needs well qualified people to take hard looks
at some nasty accident scenes.

Positions close on July 11th, 2022.