March 23, 2023

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FTC – SCAM warnings for those seeking Jobs JAN-2023

FTC – SCAM warnings for those seeking Jobs JAN-2023

With numerous recent Tech layoffs, the FTC warns of an increase in JOB recruitment based SCAMs

Looking for a job? Scammers might be looking for you | Consumer Advice (

Recent layoffs in industries like the tech sector have scammers fine-tuning their approaches to take advantage. They may advertise jobs online, sometimes setting up fake websites, or look for targets on social media — all to try to steal your money and personal information.

Scammers may go to great lengths to get what they want. Some may conduct fake online job interviews and set up phony onboarding portals where they ask you for Social Security numbers and bank account information to (supposedly) deposit paychecks. Other scammers may ask you to send money for (supposed) equipment needed for remote work — with the promise to reimburse you with your first paycheck. But these are scams. Whether you’re looking for your first job or seeking a new gig, here’s some advice to help you avoid job scams:

1. Verify job openings before you apply.
2. Watch for telltale signs of a possible scam.
3. Don’t pay for the promise of a job.


FTC – SCAM warnings for those seeking Jobs JAN-2023