June 7, 2023


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Agent-Cells with DNA Programming: A Dynamic Decentralized System. (arXiv:2211.17104v3 [cs.MA] UPDATED)

This paper introduces a new concept. We intend to give life to a software
agent. A software agent is a computer program that acts on a user’s behalf. We
put a DNA inside the agent. DNA is a simple text, a whole roadmap of a network
of agents or a system with details. A Dynamic Numerical Abstract of a
multiagent system. It is also a reproductive part for an emph{agent} that
makes the agent take actions and decide independently and reproduce coworkers.
By defining different DNA structures, one can establish new agents and
different nets for different usages. We initiate such thinking as emph{DNA
programming}. This strategy leads to a new field of programming. This type of
programming can help us manage large systems with various elements with an
incredibly organized customizable structure. An agent can reproduce another
agent. We put one or a few agents around a given network, and the agents will
reproduce themselves till they can reach others and pervade the whole network.
An agent’s position or other environmental or geographical characteristics make
it possible for an agent to know its active set of emph{genes} on its DNA. The
active set of genes specifies its duties. There is a database that includes a
list of functions s.t. each one is an implementation of what a emph{gene}
represents. To utilize a decentralized database, we may use a blockchain-based

This design can adapt to a system that manages many static and dynamic
networks. This network could be a distributed system, a decentralized system, a
telecommunication network such as a 5G monitoring system, an IoT management
system, or even an energy management system. The final system is the
combination of all the agents and the overlay net that connects the agents. We
denote the final net as the emph{body} of the system.