September 19, 2021

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Remote quantum-safe authentication of entities with physical unclonable functions. (arXiv:2108.00468v1 [quant-ph])

Physical unclonable functions have been shown a useful resource of randomness
for implementing various cryptographic tasks including entity authentication.
All of the related entity authentication protocols that have been discussed in
the literature so far, either they are vulnerable to an emulation attack, or
they are limited to short distances. Hence, quantum-safe remote entity
authentication over large distances remains an open question. In the first part
of this work we discuss the requirements that an entity authentication protocol
has to offer in order to be useful for remote entity authentication in
practice. Subsequently, we propose a protocol, which can operate over large
distances, and offers security against both classical and quantum adversaries.
The proposed protocol relies on standard techniques, it is fully compatible
with the infrastructure of existing and future photonic networks, and it can
operate in parallel with other quantum protocols, including QKD protocols.